The warrior

Doliani Ο ΠολεμιστήςΤοποθεσίαΦαινότυποςΑνάπλαση προσώπουΥγείαΔιατροφήΠολιτιστικό πλαίσιο The warrior Late Byzantine period 1,300 AD – 1,400 AD Identity Biological Sex Male Age 20-25 years Height 1.71 m. Weight 72 kg Body Mass Index (BMI): 24.7Genetic predisposition: normal Location Burial position Supine, with the skull to the west and the hands folded at the abdomen. Phenotype Hair colour […]

The history observer

Tenea Ο άνδρας από την ΤενέαΤοποθεσίαΦαινότυποςΑνάπλαση προσώπουΥγείαΔιατροφήΠολιτιστικό πλαίσιο The history observer Archaic period 525 BC – 475 BC Identity Biological Sex Male Age 40-50 years Height 1.73 m. Weight 71 kg Body Mass Index (BMI): 23,6 Genetic predisposition: normal to underweight Location Burial position Supine in a sarcophagus, with upper limbs extended and head facing […]

The woman with the trepanned skull

Abdera Η ΑβδηρίτισσαΤοποθεσίαΦαινότυποςΥγείαΔιατροφήΠολιτιστικό πλαίσιο The woman with the trepanned skull Archaic period 650 BC – 600 BC Identity Biological Sex Female Age 45-51 years Height 1.58 m. Location Burial position Supine-contracted, with elbows flexed, hands lying close to the neck, and legs bent to touch the buttocks. Phenotype Hair colour Brown | Black Eye colour Brown […]